Friday, October 30, 2009

MyFax Enhancement: Fax from Windows Business Applications

We’re constantly reviewing customer feedback, looking for ways to improve MyFax, my1voice and Campaigner, so this week we were excited to announce the ability to fax from Windows business applications! The new, free feature is aPrint-to-Fax option included in the print menu of Windows XP, Vista and 7 applications. So now there’s no need to exit the application you’re working in to fax a document.

Our own VP of marketing, Steve Adams, recently commented that MyFax customers love the faxing option within Microsoft Office and MyFax users requested the feature be extended across all applications.

MyFax customers can download the print driver from MyFaxCentral. From there, faxes can be sent to multiple recipients. The option to add recipients directly from Outlook, and billing codes, are also available.

This is just another way we’re making MyFax a tool you can use with just a few clicks. Hope you like the new feature!

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Copying Services said...

Does the ability exist to fax from Mozilla Thunderbird? And from Gmail? A lot of people are moving away from Outlook to open source and web based mail platforms.