Thursday, December 14, 2006

Please Plan Ahead

On Sunday (from around midnight - 2AM) there will be a brief service disruption as we deploy the MyFax Winter '07 update. All faxes that are received during this time will be held and delivered after the interuption.

Ending the Fax Tyranny

Here's a humorous post (End the Fax Tyranny) with a bit of a rant about the challenges of faxing - traditional faxing, that is. To summarize (without the humor): it's expensive; a waste of space and paper; and they are a pain in the ass to send. (You should read the funnier version here.)

Internet fax services like MyFax are cheaper, paperless and as easy to use as email. If you never need to communicate with a fax machine then MyFax isn't for you; but otherwise - it's a lot cheaper and easier.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

MyFax Winter '07: Free webinar for customers

MyFax Winter '07 will be introduced early next week. It includes a number of great new enhancements that customers have asked for.

Want a sneak preview? Want to learn how to take advantage of the new MyFax features?

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday, December 13) for a FREE web seminar with Wendy Lowe.
Wendy will highlight what's coming, and where to find more information. You can register here.

We'll record the session so that you can in case you can't attend.