Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Real People work on MyFax

This week we're featured in a Wall Street Journal article on employee retention (particularly, how it's improved over the years). It follows on our Employer of Distinction award earlier this month, recognizing Protus (the parent of MyFax) as a great place to work.

What's our secret? We put a lot of effort into hiring, and hire people who care - care about our customers, our services, and each other. I think that shows in the way we work with our customers and each other, and makes coming to work much more enjoyable.

The 'Distinction' award was based on an employee survey (anonymous of course). Here's one of my favorite comments.

We put our customers and their needs ahead of the immediate needs of the corporation - that's an unselfish environment to work in. The company and its executive leadership make room for the initiative of the employees. It's not just a corporate value on paper. We're encouraged to use our strengths creatively and collectively - internally, to meet the challenges of a growing business, as well as externally,” giving back" to our community in a way that makes a difference.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Online Fax - the Greening of Fax Machines

MyFax has been featured recently by two journalists that focus on environmentally friendly technologies. GreenTech Pastures "Considering the Green Profile (or lack thereof) of Common Fax Machines" and Eco-logic "Nixing the Fax" (it's a TV profile - scroll down to find the segment).

Compared to using a regular, plain-old fax machine, an internet fax service like MyFax is much more 'green'. Fax machines are always on, waiting for an incoming fax - and wasting power while they wait. They also, of course, consume lots of paper because each and every page you receive is printed - this is an obvious waste of paper (and paper production is a major source of greenhouse gases).

So MyFax is very fax- it reduces energy use, paper consumption, greenhouse gases - and saves you money.

Friday, November 02, 2007

MyFax Fall '07 Update

Good news! This weekend, new (and free!) features are being added to MyFax.

If you're already a MyFax customer, you don't need to do anything - all of the new features will be ready for you Monday morning. You can access your account at MyFax Central, and Wendy has put together a quick MyFax tutorial an overview for you.

What I'm really excited about is the way these features have been developed - with your direct involvement.

That's right! We're constantly asking for your feedback - through surveys, this blog, our customer care teams, etc. - and all of the most popular ideas are included in this release.\

What's new:
  • Preview your faxes before sending (suggested by Laura)
  • Save your sent faxes (Samantha asked for this one...)
  • Forward or resend your fax (Judy...)
  • Get fax notifications on your cell phone (requested by Brian)
  • Share your account by receiving faxes on 5 email addresses (Anil, and many others!)
  • Junk fax management (for Jason...)

Plus, there's a handy new wizard that will walk you through key account settings. This is really handy for new customers, and our loyal customers who might not yet be using all of the new features.

We're always looking for ways to make MyFax better meet your neeeds, so please - let me know if you've got feedback!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Virtual Telephony Webinar - Free!

This week (April 12) I'll be joining Virtual PBX on a web seminar discussing Virtual Telephony services. The event is hosted by PCMagCast, and you can register here.

MyFax Spring '07 Update - New Features, Free!

This weekend (April 15, 2007) MyFax will be automatically updated with some very exciting enhancements.

Exciting, because all of the changes we made are in direct response to your feedback. The result is an easier to use, feature enhanced, streamlined MyFax. And the best part is you don’t have to do anything, your service will be automatically updated for you.

Next week I'll add more details, but some of the key features include 1 year online fax storage; sending faxes from 5 email accounts, control over timezones, and more. You'll find more information here.

Please note: Implementing the Spring '07 Enhancements will cause a short disruption in your MyFax service Sunday April 15, from 12AM -2AM. No faxes will be lost, but there may be some delays, and MyFaxCentral will be unavailable.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Corporate Fax Strategy – The Next Move Hosted Solution vs. Fax Servers

Date: April 25, 2007 Time: 2:00 Eastern
Cost: Free Location: Your Desktop

Today more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to do more with less. Fax is an important communication tool, but overhead costs — and issues with capacity, flexibility and reliability — increasingly outpace the benefits of maintaining an in-house fax infrastructure.

Now there is an alternative – Hosted Fax Services.

Hosted Fax services offer several advantages, in addition to cost-effectiveness and productivity gains. Hosted fax services deliver: increased security and privacy, enhanced regulatory compliance, flexible capacity, fax mobility and integration with your current IT and Business process.

Communication is changing — so should your fax solution.

Join host Florin A. Filip as he highlights:
• Value comparison of hosted Fax solutions versus internal fax servers
• How’s and Why’s of two organizations that have already made the switch
• The Fax Business Model -- What is right for your organization

• Internal Fax Server vs. Hosted fax Servers: Why Discuss These Options?
• Understanding The Two Options
• 6 Key Points of Comparison
• Case Studies
• Determining What is Right For Your Organization
• Conclusion
• Q&A

Date: April 25, 2007 Time: 2:00 Eastern
Cost: Free Location: Your Desktop


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Upcoming Webinar: Document Management Simplified with Internet Fax

When: March 28th, 2007 Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Cost: FREE

At its heart, document management is simply about information storage and retrieval. You file a document somewhere until it’s needed and then you get it. The reality, though, isn’t quite that simple, particularly for those in charge of managing high volumes of paper faxes. All of this paper needs to be stored somewhere, whether it’s on-premises in row after row of filing cabinets, or off-site. All well and good – until the day you need to locate and retrieve a paper fax sent three and a half years ago. Unless your paper filing system is absolutely pristine, it may take a while to locate that critical document. In the meantime, valuable corporate dollars are being expended on the search.

A better alternative is to eliminate the paper entirely and replace it with an Internet fax service. This type of service allows you to send and receive faxes electronically. It eliminates delays, improves security, and drives down costs.

This webinar will look at the different document management options for fax and introduce MyFax as a better solution for people and businesses who send and receive faxes in heavy volume.

Who Should Attend:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Financial Professionals
  • Health Care Workers
  • Business owners and Mangers
  • Anyone with Document Management responsibilities

When: March 28th, 2007 Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Cost: FREE


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fax from ACT! using MyFax

There's a new ACT! add-on that is free for MyFax fax customers. It lets you use MyFax to send and receive faxes - all within ACT!

For those who might not know, ACT! is a popular contact management and CRM program that is used by millions of sales people. ACT! is where all of their customer contact information is stored, and it tracks correspondence with customers.

Adding MyFax to ACT! is efficient and powerful. It's efficient because you never need to leave ACT! or re-enter fax numbers - you can even create personalized faxes using the ACT! mail-merge features. It's powerful because every fax that you send or receive is directly linked to your Contacts, giving you a complete picture of your communications.

Learn more about MyFax and ACT! .

Remember, you can also have fax integration with:
MyFax and Microsoft Office
MyFax and Microsoft Outlook
MyFax and IBM Lotus Notes

MyFax Winter '07 Update

The MyFax Winter '07 Update is now live and you'll find a complete list of new MyFax features here. There are no additional charges, and you don't need to do anything special to take advantage of the new features. They're all available in MyFax Central - take a look!

Here's some of my favorite new capabilities:
  • The new Contact Book lets you store frequently used numbers and create distribution lists. If you find yourself faxing the same people (or group of people) frequently then you'll love this.
  • You can import and export Contact Books as well - this makes it easy to move your lists from Winfax or other old fax software solutions.
  • New reporting capabilities let you tailor your reports to get the information you require, simplifying administration and making it easier to track usage and allocate costs amongst users.
  • New security features allow administrators to control access rights for each MyFax user, to standardize settings and limit the distribution of faxes. This is important for enterprise fax clients, and everyone affected by HIPPA and similar regulations.