Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Online Fax - the Greening of Fax Machines

MyFax has been featured recently by two journalists that focus on environmentally friendly technologies. GreenTech Pastures "Considering the Green Profile (or lack thereof) of Common Fax Machines" and Eco-logic "Nixing the Fax" (it's a TV profile - scroll down to find the segment).

Compared to using a regular, plain-old fax machine, an internet fax service like MyFax is much more 'green'. Fax machines are always on, waiting for an incoming fax - and wasting power while they wait. They also, of course, consume lots of paper because each and every page you receive is printed - this is an obvious waste of paper (and paper production is a major source of greenhouse gases).

So MyFax is very fax- it reduces energy use, paper consumption, greenhouse gases - and saves you money.

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internet fax user said...

Internet faxing is awesome! I'll never go back to a traditional fax machine.