Tuesday, January 31, 2006

MyFax - Connecting with Customers

MyFax attracts tremendous, passionate, customers, and we’re always looking for ways to talk to – and listen to – your comments. That’s why we love our 24 hour – free – support line, because we hear about what you like, and don’t like, about MyFax. Many of you have also provided feedback in our surveys, through our MyFax referral program, and just by emailing us.

This blog is another avenue for us to connect. We’ll use it to tell you more about MyFax, so you can take advantage of everything it has to offer. We’ll offer up some relevant tidbits and tell you more about the people behind MyFax. And we’ll listen!

So, tell us what you think! What topics would you like included in our blog?

Isn’t Fax Dead? No! – The Evolution of Faxing

More people think Elvis is still alive than think that faxing is a growth market! And the same people that predicted paperless offices probably think that faxing is disappearing.

Maybe traditional faxing is going the way of the dodo bird - but with internet faxing accelerating its decline.

What we see at MyFax – and hear from you - is a real shift in the market:

  • Old fashioned, shared fax machines are replaced with personal MyFax accounts
  • Expensive, dedicated fax lines are eliminated
  • MyFax lets you do more with a fax – store it, forward it, get it on the web...

In my (not at all paperless) home office, I most appreciate the extra desk space! Why do you like MyFax?