Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Isn’t Fax Dead? No! – The Evolution of Faxing

More people think Elvis is still alive than think that faxing is a growth market! And the same people that predicted paperless offices probably think that faxing is disappearing.

Maybe traditional faxing is going the way of the dodo bird - but with internet faxing accelerating its decline.

What we see at MyFax – and hear from you - is a real shift in the market:

  • Old fashioned, shared fax machines are replaced with personal MyFax accounts
  • Expensive, dedicated fax lines are eliminated
  • MyFax lets you do more with a fax – store it, forward it, get it on the web...

In my (not at all paperless) home office, I most appreciate the extra desk space! Why do you like MyFax?

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