Friday, November 02, 2007

MyFax Fall '07 Update

Good news! This weekend, new (and free!) features are being added to MyFax.

If you're already a MyFax customer, you don't need to do anything - all of the new features will be ready for you Monday morning. You can access your account at MyFax Central, and Wendy has put together a quick MyFax tutorial an overview for you.

What I'm really excited about is the way these features have been developed - with your direct involvement.

That's right! We're constantly asking for your feedback - through surveys, this blog, our customer care teams, etc. - and all of the most popular ideas are included in this release.\

What's new:
  • Preview your faxes before sending (suggested by Laura)
  • Save your sent faxes (Samantha asked for this one...)
  • Forward or resend your fax (Judy...)
  • Get fax notifications on your cell phone (requested by Brian)
  • Share your account by receiving faxes on 5 email addresses (Anil, and many others!)
  • Junk fax management (for Jason...)

Plus, there's a handy new wizard that will walk you through key account settings. This is really handy for new customers, and our loyal customers who might not yet be using all of the new features.

We're always looking for ways to make MyFax better meet your neeeds, so please - let me know if you've got feedback!



Anonymous said...

I checked out your Fall '07 Update and I really share your enthusiasm for the customer input aspect of these developments.

This is a brilliant way of showing and demonstrating concern for customers needs. So much so that I suggest that this initiative should be given much more prominence in your website.

The space in which you operate is full of bit-players and providers with lousy service reputations. It appears that it takes a truly customer focused and substantial service organisation like Protus to listen to the concerns of customers, and then actually do something about them.

You should make more of this. For example there's nothing currently on the home page that gives a hint of this great asset you have.

Jay Levitt said...

I'd like to echo Alan here - this site and your approach is really impressive. After a decade of neglect once companies like Delrina/Symantec bit the dust, someone's finally taking the lead.

The one thing missing that I need before subscribing is a printer driver. I want to be able to send a fax from anywhere, without having to save it to PDF and then re-attach it to a new e-mail. If MyFax ever adds that, I'll be the first to switch over.

Steve Adams said...

Jay & Alan, thanks for your kind words and encouragement. We've had some great response to Fall'07 and will certainly be continuing our customer-centric approach.

Jay, a couple of points about the 'print driver'. First, I wanted to clarify that you can fax virtually any document through MyFax - you don't need to save it as a PDF first. (We deliver faxes as PDFs, but you can originate faxes in a long list of formats including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML etc.)

Second, if you are commonly working in Microsoft Office you can take advantage of a direct integration that works just like a print driver. Instead of choosing 'print' you select File/Send To/Internet Fax service . You never need to leave your application to fax .

Finally, there are some other integrations - to ACT!, Lotus Notes, etc. that you may be interested in.