Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Real People work on MyFax

This week we're featured in a Wall Street Journal article on employee retention (particularly, how it's improved over the years). It follows on our Employer of Distinction award earlier this month, recognizing Protus (the parent of MyFax) as a great place to work.

What's our secret? We put a lot of effort into hiring, and hire people who care - care about our customers, our services, and each other. I think that shows in the way we work with our customers and each other, and makes coming to work much more enjoyable.

The 'Distinction' award was based on an employee survey (anonymous of course). Here's one of my favorite comments.

We put our customers and their needs ahead of the immediate needs of the corporation - that's an unselfish environment to work in. The company and its executive leadership make room for the initiative of the employees. It's not just a corporate value on paper. We're encouraged to use our strengths creatively and collectively - internally, to meet the challenges of a growing business, as well as externally,” giving back" to our community in a way that makes a difference.

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