Wednesday, January 23, 2008

$10,000.00 Prize in the MyFax Messy Office Contest!

This week we launched a pretty cool contest, you can check it out at

We have a pretty good mix of neat freaks and absolute slobs here and the debates over which is the better work environment can get pretty heated. Of course both sides are adamant they're in the right.

I keep out of it since I've yet to hear anyone give an argument that swayed someone over to the other side. Sure, some of the clean desks get a little cluttered when we're ramping up to a new release, but before long it's back to the status quo.

When we started planning this contest the messier group insisted we don't make trying to change them a part of the prize, and I think this really sets our contest apart. You're not going to win a prize package worth $10,000.00 that's made up of gift certificates to all kinds of office supply and organization stores, you're actually going to win $10,000.00 in cash. It's like a reward for being a slob!

There are also 10 weekly prizes, and some runner up prizes as well, so if you or someone you know has a messy office, you should enter and pass the link on. Really, who couldn't use $10,000.00?

Oh -- check out the rules though, as with most contests there are some places we can't accept entrants from.

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