Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fax from ACT! using MyFax

There's a new ACT! add-on that is free for MyFax fax customers. It lets you use MyFax to send and receive faxes - all within ACT!

For those who might not know, ACT! is a popular contact management and CRM program that is used by millions of sales people. ACT! is where all of their customer contact information is stored, and it tracks correspondence with customers.

Adding MyFax to ACT! is efficient and powerful. It's efficient because you never need to leave ACT! or re-enter fax numbers - you can even create personalized faxes using the ACT! mail-merge features. It's powerful because every fax that you send or receive is directly linked to your Contacts, giving you a complete picture of your communications.

Learn more about MyFax and ACT! .

Remember, you can also have fax integration with:
MyFax and Microsoft Office
MyFax and Microsoft Outlook
MyFax and IBM Lotus Notes


Anonymous said...

And may I presume you are working on something for Mac, other than MS Office...Perhaps OpenOffice.org?

Please add to my wish list: a spell checker for online faxing.

Love your service.

Anonymous said...

Good words.