Friday, October 16, 2009

D’oh! Simpsons show one of the problems with fax machines

So there I am last week, watching The Simpsons 20th season premiere episode, when I hear Homer call out one of the problems with fax machines. After the movie company he’s working for (long story behind that) asks him if he got the changes to the script they sent over, he says “No! My stupid fax machine ran out of ink!”

That is definitely one of the problems with a fax machine. It can run out of ink, or toner, or paper. If that happens, you won’t receive the fax (or your fax to someone else won’t go through) until the problem is taken care of. It’s sort of the “for the want of a nail” scenario. You have an important document that has to get where it’s going right now, but because someone didn’t check on the machine it’s stuck in the nether world between sender and receiver.

That doesn’t happen with MyFax, because there’s no ink, toner or paper involved. Documents are sent and received electronically, so there’s nothing to be out of. About the only thing that can hold it up is if you have the wrong fax number – which is certainly a “D’oh!” moment. Even then, though, you receive a notification that it didn’t go through so you can fix the situation. Ah, if only Homer had known about MyFax.

What’s your fax horror story? Ever had a fax fail to come or go through because of something simple like a lack of toner or paper?

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Mango said...

A friend of mine did indeed have some very important faxes fail to come through once. Turns out a friend of his decided to play a little prank. He taped a few sheets of paper together into one big long sheet. After he faxed the first sheet, he taped it to the last...and happily watched his Mobius fax use up all of my friend's paper.

Wouldn't have happened if he'd used MyFax!


Mango, a happy MyFax customer who would be even more happy if MyFax had an SSL-enabled RSS feed or API for incoming faxes.