Friday, October 02, 2009

Small Businesses Jump on Green Technology Bandwagon

I was perusing the small business conversations on Twitter recently (@MyFax_) when I came across CDW’s new findings on green IT adoption. It looks like small to medium sized businesses will lead the pack in the next six months!According to the findings, 31 percent of small business IT decision makers say their companies plan to implement green IT initiatives in the next two years—more than any other corporate or government sector.

The nice thing about greening your small business technology is that you don’t need a CIO, or even an IT department, to make eco-friendly changes in the office. Are you surprised that small businesses are greening their technology faster than any other sector? What green changes has your business made?

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We've definitely been paying heed to our usage of water, and electricity especially. After having changed all our incandescent light bulbs to CFL's we have unfortunately learned to our horror that they contain mercury and are considered as hazardous waste. LED lights are next on the menu along with better ceiling insulation.