Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can’t my brains just get along?

Before you write me off as confused, or worse schizophrenic, consider this... I’m a high social functioning PC person, and I use both a BlackBerry and an Apple iPhone.

I like to consider myself a prime candidate to cross compare these leading devices as I can recount both the best, and the worst of both. For instance, surfing the web on a BlackBerry can be painful and slow – somewhat akin to doing email on an iPhone (from the perspective of a BlackBerry user of course).

I love the BlackBerry for its push notifications, making having to play fetch with the iPhone to get my mail seem silly in comparison.

My BlackBerry integrates into my existing business systems, giving me a common view of my inbox, with a complete record of all incoming and outgoing emails from desktop, and the web. On the other hand, email on my iPhone is disconnected from everything else, forcing me to deal with my email all over again, even if I’ve already viewed and responded all but one message.

Happily, if I’m in need of a faxed or signed doc while I’m mobile – and it happens more often than you think – I can rely on the myFax BlackBerry app or the myFax iPhone app to get the job done.

So what’s my bottom line? I think it all comes down to what brain I’m in at any given time. Left brain, BlackBerry; right brain, iPhone.

If I’m feeling particularly angst ridden about a proposal or deal I’ll inherently be looking for speed, so BlackBerry will be my choice. If I’m feeling a bit more amenable and desire a more engaging experience, I’ll lean to the iPhone. Either way, I’m in business no matter what, with a nod to the myFax app for thinking of me, in both my brains.

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Douglas said...

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