Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Free Faxing?

Seth Godin highlights the many ways in which products are marketed as 'free'...but really aren't ( "Does Free Mean Free?" ). We work really hard to make MyFax pricing clear and simple so that there aren't any surprise charges.

MyFax offers lots of free things to our (paying!) subscribers:
  • You can send 100 fax pages each month, for free - there's no extra charge.
  • You can receive 200 fax pages each month, for free - there's no extra charge.
  • Toll-free numbers are provided at no extra charge - you don't pay extra, and people sending faxes to you aren't charged long-distance fees.
  • Support is free, and 24/7, and we answer the phone promptly!

MyFax does not offer a free fax service...although our competitor efax.com does. Why not?

  • We don't want the distraction. Our customers matter to us, and we're focused on providing you new features, better performance and excellent support. I don't think we could deliver the same excellent service if we also had millions of non-paying customers to deal with.
  • A free fax service isn't always free, but is supported by email and fax ads. MyFax isn't in the advertising business and we don't send ads to our customers.
  • MyFax has value. In fact, it's a great value!

Try MyFax today and get the first month free (really!).

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