Thursday, July 13, 2006

MyFax directly from Microsoft Office

I promised that I'd highlight some of the new features recently added to MyFax. Today, let's talk about Microsoft Office Integration.

MyFax already includes a free Outlook plugin that lets you send faxes directly within Outlook. It gives you access to your Outlook Contact list, and lets you easily set cover page options for each fax. You can download the plugin here. (Of course, you can always fax directly from any email system by addressing the email to .)

Now, you can also fax with MyFax from within the Microsoft Office 2003 applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Just choose File/Send To/Recipient using Internet Fax Service and fill in the blanks! This method also allows integration with your Outlook contacts, and use of Microsoft's standard fax cover pages.

If you're already a MyFax customer, first login and activate the Microsoft Office Integration (under Send Preferences).

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