Friday, April 09, 2010

Things you can do to help Planet Earth

It’s Earth month again. What started out back in the 1970s as a way of raising awareness about the planet and the effect we humans are having on it has now been extended to the entire month of April. Perhaps someday we’ll all think about it all the time, and every day will be Earth Day.

Until that day, it’s important for each of us to do what we can in our daily lives. Fortunately, as a user of MyFax you’re already having a positive effect. For proof, check out this special page, which shows the impact moving from fax machines to an Internet fax service can have.

Ok, that’s one thing. What other things can we all be doing to make a difference? I’d especially like to see some more ideas that not only help the planet, but make life or work easier too – the way MyFax does.

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