Friday, March 12, 2010

If you really want to keep your information secure, fax it!

For most of us, email is a daily part of our lives. We send all kinds of information via email, from business documents to financial records to Great Aunt Sally’s secret apple pie recipe.

What many don’t realize, however, is that email is very vulnerable to being intercepted. Which means private and confidential information that you’d like to have kept private and confidential can actually wind up being open and exposed pretty easily. And with tax season upon us, it gets extra worrisome.

It’s just one more reason to have a MyFax account. Internet faxing is far more secure because a hacker can’t really intercept a fax – even one that is going to an email account. Because of the way it’s transmitted, a fax will appear as nothing but noise to someone trying to look into your private information. That’s because a fax is disassembled and converted into some electronic wizardry, then reassembled on the other end. So are emails, but when you intercept an email it can be reconstructed. Can’t do that with an Internet fax.

And with MyFax it’s even more secure because we add a layer of 128-bit encryption just to be sure there’s nothing for an email hacker to see. It’s the next best thing to having one of those Jason Bourne-like secure phones.

So if privacy is a concern, and it is for most of us these days, think about faxing your confidential documents instead of emailing them.

Now it’s your turn. What types of documents do you need to send securely?


Mango said...

This is an excellent reason for MyFax to have an API or RSS feed that we could use to automatically download faxes over SSL!

-Mango =) Great Aunt Sally's "secret" apple pie recipe is the one on the inside of the pie crust box.

sending fax online said...

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