Friday, September 18, 2009

Need to keep private info private? Use MyFax Central

Not too long ago I was re-reading the case study we did on MyFax customer Ruby Moon Investigations. It’s a private detective agency in Aurora, Colorado that performs a variety of investigations. Some are just interviewing witnesses to crimes on behalf of a lawyer, or tracking down a long-lost relative.

One of the reasons owner and chief investigator Tan Smyth says she uses MyFax to deliver the results is that it’s more secure than email. At first I was a bit confused since most people have their faxes delivered to their email, which means if someone else can view your email they can also view your faxes. Then it hit me – MyFaxCentral!

MyFaxCentral is the online component to the MyFax service. You can send, receive, view and store faxes there for a year without them ever hitting your email inbox. And since there’s no software to download, you can take advantage of MyFaxCentral without anyone else knowing you have an account.

So if you’re expecting some private information and want to be sure it stays private, having it faxed to your MyFax account and viewing it at MyFaxCentral is the way to do it.

What other types of businesses require transmission of sensitive documents?


Trish M. said...

Where can I find out more about your services?

Ty Cobb said...

Hi Trish,

Best bet is to go to