Thursday, May 04, 2006

Top 5 Tips for Job Hunting with MyFax

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters by David Perry and Jay Levinson is a good guidebook to using guerilla tactics to get a new job. I subscribe to Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing newsletter which usually has some simple and effective ways of promoting products and services. The book applies the same approach to marketing yourself to new employers.

GM for Job Hunters recommends using MyFax to get your resume noticed. Email applications often got overlooked - and they certainly all look the same when they are sitting in a cluttered inbox. Faxes generally get hand delivered to the hiring manager.

Here's 5 tips for using MyFax effectively in your job hunting:
  1. Use the fax cover page effectively. The cover page gets read - make sure it includes your best pitch.
  2. Be brief. Effective resumes use white space to draw attention to key points. This is especially critical when faxing your resume - lots of dense text looks unappealing.
  3. Be specific. Use the hiring manager's name and department. Remember that many fax machines are still shared, and unaddressed faxes only reach the recycling bin.
  4. Don't spam. By email and by fax, spam is bad. Focus your sales pitch.
  5. Follow up. Phone the day after you send the fax. Get voicemail? Draw attention to the fax.

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