Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Three ways to avoid irritating travel charges

I was travelling last month, and was surprised to get hit by fairly large "off-net" roaming charges with my new phone. (Note to self: read the fine print).

It reminded me of all the hidden charges that add to the cost of travelling, and my Top 3 List of Ways to avoid the irritating costs of travel:

1) Use your cell phone. (Well, first get a plan that includes roaming!). Hotel charges are wildly expensive.

2) Take the hotel shuttle when you can, and avoid the taxi charges (plus tolls, tips, minimums, etc.)

3) Don't eat breakfast at the hotel. It's convenient, but you're held hostage. Walk next door - the fresh air is good for you!

Many customers choose an online fax service like MyFax when they're travelling - and the only other alternative is to pay your hotel $3 per page or more. If you can get your email, you can get your fax - or you can download your fax from our secure web site.

Road Gladiator has some more good tips.

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