Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MyFax for Corporate Users

Many of our new customers first hear about MyFax from other happy MyFax customers. We’re always grateful for new business referrals, and increasingly we’ve been hearing from businesses that are using MyFax throughout the organization. (You remember that commercial - first one person got MyFax; then he told two friends, and they told two friends…and now the whole company is using MyFax.)

We’ve recently added new capabilities to MyFax to help manage MyFax deployments – and they’ll help large and small customers alike. These new features include web based administration tools, so you can add new users to your account; real time reporting capabilities, so you can track usage by user and department; and some flexible pricing options. You can learn more here.

Want to tell your two friends about MyFax? Use our referral program, and earn free faxing!

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