Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Contest for MyFax Customers!

I'm very excited to tell you about a new contest we're running that's open to all MyFax customers*!

It's easy - just copy the skill-testing questions below into a Word(R) document, add your answers, along with your name, phone number, MyFax account number and email address, then use your MyFax account to fax the document to 1-866-257-2046. You can even enter as often as you'd like!

It's as simple as that. When the contest ends on August 30th, we'll do a random drawing from the entries that have answered all three questions correctly. The winner will be notified by email and announced right here on the Inside MyFax blog!

Our fabulous prize is an 8GB iPod touch!

  • 1,750 songs

  • 10 hours of video

  • Earphones

Now for the questions...drum roll please...

1. Does your computer have to be on to receive faxes with MyFax?

2. How many email addresses can you send and receive faxes from with MyFax?

3. What is the name of the MyFax online portal where you can send and receive faxes anywhere you can access the Internet?

Don't forget, you can enter as often as you like. And...if you have a friend you think would benefit from MyFax, send them a free month and get one for yourself at the same time. Refer a friend today!

Good luck and Happy Faxing!

*You must be a MyFax customer and at least 18 years of age on the day the contest opens (June 27, 2010) to be eligible to win. Contest not open to residents of Quebec or Rhode Island. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Full contest details available at Odds of winning will vary depending on the number of entries submitted.

**Pages faxed from your MyFax account will be counted in your monthly fax allotment and if you go over your monthly allotment, additional fax pages are ten cents per page. To enter without using your MyFax, see the contest rules. By entering this Contest, you hereby agree to (a) be bound by the Contest Rules and (b) consent to the collection, use and disclosure of any personal information associated with this Contest by Protus IP Solutions Inc. ("Protus") for the purposes of administering this Contest, in accordance with Protus' Privacy Policy available at


Unknown said...

Might I please put my two cents' worth in regarding your new MyFax context? How about possibly, in the future, maybe, having a competition featuring such categories as:
- Most Original B/W Cover Letter
-Most Original Color Cover Letter
-Most Efficient Use of Ink & Pixels
-Amateur & Professional Categories
-Best Overall Original Cover Letter
-etc., etc., etc.
You could, if you really wanted to, restrict it to the use of your templates.
Just thought I'd put it out there. Whaddya think?

Kelly said...

Hi Cherie'

Thanks so much for those ideas - we love to hear feedback from our customers. Those are all excellent things we can certainly consider for future contests.

Kelly @ MyFax

Rob said...

Hi - The contest rules state that the drawing took place on July 15th, but the banner ad states that the contest ends on August 31st. Which one is right?

Kelly O'Dwyer-Manuel said...

Hi Rob,

The ads are correct - the contest continues for the rest of this month.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as this contest ended on 8/31/10, and I just re-subscribed to your fax service in 10/10, and just received this email on 10/12/10, you might want to delete this link... or better yet honor the link and have a new contest starting now!

Kelly O'Dwyer-Manuel said...

Hi there,

Good catch! We actually DO have a new contest!! Go to the blog homepage and you can see how to win a $250 gift certificate.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for a MyFax number recently and received an email saying there's a contest on... Well, I wasted 10 mins of my life opening the web link, reading it, and typing this comment... Summary: the contest has long been finished... What a disappointment! :) Terrible service. Will unsubscribe from MyFax and will choose another provider who actually cares about their customers... :(

Kelly O'Dwyer-Manuel said...

Hi there,

Don't give up on us yet! We DO have a contest going on - details are here:

The prize this time around is an Amazon gift certificate.