Monday, May 10, 2010

Get your paper organized and searchable

Ever lose your car keys, glasses, purse or wallet? You’re not human if you haven’t. This is the challenge with tangible, yet inert objects – there’s no way to find what you’re looking for, short of a random search. If you average 5 minutes a day in collective random searches, that’s more than half an hour a week, two plus hours per month, and so on. Before summing up your lifetime average and getting depressed, think about the challenge of finding missing paperwork in the office. Then, think about the opportunity for an extra 30 minutes or more of productive time per employee per week. Along with saving the environment, a real time searchable electronic archive is the true promise of the “paperless office”. But going paperless just isn’t an option if your occupation is real estate, law, insurance, or finance, among others. Paper is part of your everyday workflow and as such a “necessary evil”.

The question becomes how to keep your paperwork organized and searchable to be able to realize these efficiency and effectiveness gains. Your best bet is to look for points where paper either touches or could touch an electronic workflow – sending up the equivalent of an emergency flare to say, “Hey look, I’m over here”. Take faxing as an example. Cloud computing services like MyFax let you keep your paper based workflow (aka fax), but also provide end-to-end electronic tracking with an electronic record to file away. As well, with MyFax those efficiency gains and associated savings aren’t whittled away by additional hardware or software costs. Plus, with the ability to fax via email, smart phone, or the web, you’re more efficient and effective.

Just imagine, paper with an electronic trail in one searchable archive. Simple, convenient, effective, and best of all organized!During the month of May, MyFax joins QuickBooks in the Intuit App Center in a special promotion to Get Organized. Promoting the need to improve document management and reduce paper in the office, QuickBooks customers can try MyFax risk free by visiting As an added bonus, each use of this service in May includes an automatic submission to win a Kindle. For complete terms and conditions, visit

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