Friday, November 27, 2009

MyFax and my1voice pass the Bar

Well, maybe they didn’t actually pass the Bar exam. But this week both MyFax and my1voice were added to the American Bar Association’s (ABA) TechEZ site.

ABA’s technology evaluation and information site -- TechEZ ( helps lawyers make smart choices about technology so they get the best return on their technology investments.

Lawyers have to be in constant communication with their clients, opposing counsel and even bosses in larger firms. Yet they may spend more time out of the office than in it, visiting clients, taking depositions, attending court hearings, etc.

MyFax and my1voice both make it easier to stay in touch anywhere, anytime. MyFax does so by allowing professionals to send and receive faxes anywhere they can get an Internet connection. And my1voice offers features such as smart call forwarding of office calls to any phone they specify, and delivers voicemail messages to email.

If you know an ABA member, have them check out Tech EZ: Tech-Savvy Savings for ABA Members.

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Copying Services said...

That is quite a commendation, passing the bar, so to speak. Both are awesome services and it stands to good reason that they get recommended to lawyers and attorneys.