Thursday, February 12, 2009

MyFax wins Gold Award for the Fourth Year in a Row!

That's right, we are very pleased to announce that for the fourth straight year TopTenREVIEWS has named MyFax as their Gold Award winner for Top Internet Fax Service!

Established in 2003, TopTenREVIEWS, an Internet publisher of expert expert product reviews for software and web services conducted performance reviews of more than a dozen competing Internet fax services, before awarding MyFax its “Gold” or No. 1 ranking.

TopTenREVIEWS says MyFax “beats out the competition by offering up to 300 faxed pages per month for $10. In addition, those that prefer Mozilla Firefox can now use this service.”

Moreover, the publisher finds MyFax out performing others by including a “high level of compatibility with many document formats and web browsers. It also accommodates those that need a high level of security with SSL encryption and additional data encryption devices.”

Winning a Gold Award for the fourth straight year “is accomplished through great interaction with and feedback from our thousands of customers,” says Joseph Nour, our CEO. “TopTenREVIEWS contacted us through our live chat service and said our customer service was helpful and quick to respond. Implementing enhancements based on user feedback combined with an excellent customer support team continues to make MyFax a winner.”

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