Friday, November 17, 2006

Replacing Fax Servers with MyFax

Over the last 10 years, organizations have often deployed fax servers to provide centralized, network based faxing to their employees. We are now seeing a surge of interest in replacing these fax servers with internet fax services like MyFax. Why the interest?

There are three common drivers:

First, like all systems, there are ongoing costs to supporting fax servers - for maintenance, telecommunications, and upgrades. While these costs are sometimes hidden in operating budgets, the onset of Microsoft Windows and Office upgrades, which trigger upgrades to fax server software, databases, etc., also trigger a search for cost effective fax server alternatives.

Second, fax server deployments don't provide the flexibility corporate customers require. As companies consolidate or expand data centers, acquire and divest business units, and assess redundancy and disaster recovery plans, the on-demand capacity of internet fax services is appealing.

Third, IT departments have better things to do, and faxing isn't always high on the list of sexy projects! Working with a reliable internet fax service provider eliminates headaches, frees up time, and provides better support for end users.

Ultimately, of course, costs matter. We've just completed a detailed study comparing the TCO for fax servers to MyFax. What really matters is how much you can save, and we're happy to tailor this assessment to your environment - just ask!

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